Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday, again.

Today is another beautiful, sunny day outside. Probably in the mid-60s. Nice!! A bit breezy, but it is March, after all. We've been busy getting things put away and getting settled in our new place. The kitchen is completely put together; the living room is nearly there. The only thing we have to do in the living room, is hook up the speakers to the surround sound and place them in strategic places, then put down the rug that covers them up. And protects the carpet, as well. Then we'll hang pictures in the living room, and voila! Done!

We got all my books up in bookshelves (we had to purchase an inexpensive bookshelf from Walmart to accommodate them all). We even got my books out of storage and put those up, as well. I purged a few books too -- I have three boxes worth to take to Rerunz used bookstore. We are starting to get things together in the spare room, and our bedroom and bathroom, too. The hallway bathroom is done. We're getting there!

Yesterday, we went to storage and realized that Mark and Candice still have a bunch of stuff in our storage, so we weren't able to really clean anything out. The only thing we did, was get out my spring and summer clothes, and my books. Then we went shopping!! We wanted to get some window treatments for our place. The windows all have mini-blinds, but that's it, so they're rather plain. We went to a few places, and then we ended up at Penney's, and really hit the jackpot. I purchased a valance for the windows in our bedroom that matches our bedspread, which is really great! Then I bought a beautiful maroon valance for the computer room, which is going to look nice. I bought a beautiful "scarf" to drape over the bay windows in the living room, but it had to be ordered and won't be here until Tuesday. In the meantime, Bill will get the other two valances up this weekend. Plus, Penney's was having a huge sale this weekend, and not only was everything on sale, but I got $20 off my purchase, also. Score!!

Then I went to Kohl's, and scored a really great comforter set for the guest room for only $50. Yay!! It's a beautiful aqua blue color -- my fav! Now I'll have to try and decide what kind of window treatment to put in there. Probably a valance of some kind. Not sure what will match!!

Well, I need to get going. Bill will be back soon with our sandwiches from Raley's deli. YUM! I'll do pictures later; I promise!!


Rick said...

The wife likes Kohl's. I've gotten to follow her around in there on several occasions. Saying stuff like: "Yes, I like that color. No, I don't like those towels. Why? I don't know. I really don't care. Let's just buy the things and get out of here."