Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finally -- Pictures!! For real, this time.

Well, I think we're finally all put together at our new place. Bill worked really hard today, putting up pictures, valances, curtain rods, scarf holders, repotting and potting new flowering plants, etc. He also cleaned off and organized our patio. Wow the place looks great! I put some photos together in a movie with music. If you want to see any of the pictures longer, just pause it, then hit play again. I took several pics of the different rooms. There are pics of the new scarf valance in the living room, pics of our den, and of the guest room, and of the master bedroom. The master is the one with the blue and white flowers. The guest room looks kind of blah because I haven't ordered the comforter set and matching drapes yet. Have to wait for awhile on that one. I have one picked out in the Penney's catalog, and it is really pretty. It's like a star quilt pattern (blue and white, of course!). Here's a pic of it (notice the matching curtains!):

The den has the maroon valance with the wreath on the wall.

At any rate, here ya go! Enjoy!


Rick said...

Thanks for the comment - love the music on the slide show.


And, oh, Happy B-Day to your FIL!