Sunday, March 09, 2008

Aggravating ads

Okay I'm complaining here once again! Just now, I was surfing the internet, looking at movie reviews of the movie we saw last night. I enjoy reading user reviews, not the critics who hate everything that isn't made with lots of angst and tragedy and french accents. Oh, and subtitles. Yuck! Give me a good ol' non-meaningful action thriller or comedy every time. Pbbtttt to the critics.

ANYway, I was reading some user reviews of this movie, and on the right, there was one of those advertisements, that when you roll the mouse over it, becomes a larger screen and begins to play a video advertising something or the other. Well, in order to scroll through what I was reading, I had to move my mouse over to the scroll bar on the right over and over. This ad was so large, that it was difficult to miss this ad. So every time I went to scroll, the *#@%^& thing would go off. And it doesn't shut up until you click the "X". That is SO aggravating!!! So in order to read the web content I was trying to read, I had to remember to mouse up and over the ad rather than across it. I tell you, that was so annoying, I will refuse to buy whatever product they were selling. I really dislike ads that try to force you to look at them like this. There oughta be a law.

Another thing that bugs me, is when you click on a video feed to watch, like CNBC or whatever, to watch a news clip, and they force you to watch a 30 second commercial before the video plays. You can't click off of it, you can't fast forward through it, you HAVE to watch it in order to see the video clip. But I show them -- I just mute the sound until it's over. So there! LOL

And don't get me started on the commercials we saw at the movie theater yesterday. Grrrrrrr!

Well Bill and I did a lot of errands yesterday, and then bought some flowers and planted them in pots for outside the front door. Today, we plan to hang more pictures and put up the last two valances. I really should go into work for a few hours too -- I am so behind.

We'll see. Perhaps I'll take some pictures and get them posted here. It's been beautiful here -- yesterday it was 72 degrees and sunny, but also really windy. Typical March weather!!