Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're moving!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay we did it. We're crazy, but we did it.

At lunch time, Bill and I went over to the apartment management office, and asked them about moving into a 3 bedroom. They told us which ones were available and we went and looked at the one we thought would be best. Then we discussed with them what we'd have to do to in order to move in.

They said that we'd have to give 30-days notice on our current place, so what they normally do for someone who wants to switch apartments is have them pick out the place they want, then when the place becomes available, you put in your 30 day notice at the same time as the people who are moving out of the place you want. That way, there's no overlap.

However, the problem is that the rent is going up March 1st for the 3 bedrooms, and that extra $50 a month makes the rent on the 3-bedroom just more than we want to pay. So in order to get into a 3-bedroom and have the lower rent, we have to sign a rental agreement prior to March 1st. And March 1st is next weekend.

We liked the apartment we looked at and wanted to move into it, but we didn't want to pay double rent for a month. We talked to the manager about it, and she said she'd talk to the owner and see if we could work something out and maybe have an early release on our old apartment, and maybe only have to pay double rent for two weeks instead.

Well, she called us back, and said that the owner said since we we are such good tenants (yay!) that he would allow us to get out of our 30-day notice on our old place if we can be out of this place by Monday. That's Monday -- like in next Monday. The 25th. YIKES!! But this way, we wouldn't have to pay any double rent. And they allow us to only pay half the deposit on the new place, and the other half will come out of our deposit refund from this place.

So we decided to go for it!!!!

But OMG that means that we have to move. NOW. I took a half day off tomorrow, and all day Monday. We're hoping to get moved by Sunday, and then clean on Monday. Bill will try to get Monday off, but he's not sure that he can. The good news is, that it's just across the parking lot (sort of) and so the packing doesn't have to be that great.

OMG I can't believe we're actually doing it! Heck, it took Bill's dad this long to get our address right. Oh, and we're changing our phone number when we move, too. We keep getting the boys's phone calls, so we figure we're just going to start new and fresh in our new place!

I love the 3 bedroom apartment we chose, because it's got brand new carpeting in it. Yay!! The bummer is that it faces the parking lot, and the parking will be scarcer. I'll miss our quiet little corner over here. No doubt it will be noisier, but oh well. Hopefully our neighbors will be as nice as what we have here.

We've already brought several loads over to the new place tonight using Bill's truck. We've almost cleaned out the spare room. And now we have a guest room, and an office! Yahoo!

So email me if you want our new address and phone number. And think of us as we move in the rain!!


CuisineMadeEasy said...

Good Luck! Dad still asks for your phone number and address every once in awhile - to update his records. Meaning he misplaced where he wrote it down. This won't even phase him.