Monday, January 21, 2008

Scheduled my flight

Well, I spoke with my mom last night, and she said that anytime in February would work for them for me to come out there. They were sorry that Bill couldn't come, but they understand. I don't blame Bill for not wanting to use up his vacation time. I spoke with my boss, and cleared the dates with him. I went online, and purchased my airfare using our airline miles. I only had to pay $7.00 service fee! Yeah!

I am taking off at 7am on Feb. 6th and will return on the 10th. My flight gets into Sacramento at 10pm, so it will be a LATE night for me. I will have to go to work the next morning, too. I thought about taking an earlier flight, but the only flight before that was one that left Tulsa at 11:30am, which means I'd need to be at the airport by 9:30, and my parents house is nearly three hours from the airport. That would mean that we'd have to leave their house about 6:00am if we were going to stop for breakfast somewhere. So I decided to choose the flight that leaves Tulsa at 5:30pm, which means leaving my folks's house by 12:30pm, which is easier. Unfortunately, Southwest doesn't fly into Ft. Smith, which is closer to their house. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles that live back there. I haven't seen them in over 10 years. And like I said before, I haven't seen my parents house they bought out there. I just hope it doesn't snow while I'm there. The weather there can be really cold and snowy. I'll just have to pack all my sweats and my heavy jacket!

Nothing more exciting today. Just a usual Monday. I got all my paperwork cleaned up at work, and I was glad to have a nice quiet day to be able to do that. Now I'm off to cook dinner -- a chicken casserole. Yum! I'm hungry.

Bye for now.