Saturday, January 12, 2008

A perfect over-medium egg

This morning, Bill and I decided we couldn't put it off any longer -- we HAD to go grocery shopping. We have almost nothing inside our refrigerator, except a few lonely packges from take-out restaurants. Since 90% of Chico lost power long enough to lose the food in their refrigerators, we figured that it was going to be crazy-busy at the stores. Kinda like when it was Christmas.

So we went out to breakfast at a place we hadn't tried before, called Scrambles, and it was pretty good! We had a funny waitress, who brought a muffin with a candle in it to the lady at the table next to us, and serenaded her in an off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" (oh Lord, it nearly set the dogs howling!!). But her heart was in the right place. However, she should definitely cancel that American Idol audition! LOL

The best thing about this breakfast, was that the cook was actually able to make THE most perfect over-medium fried eggs I've ever tasted in my life. Every other restaurant I've eaten breakfast in (and at my age, that is a LOT) seems to make over-"medium" eggs exactly the same as over-"easy." This guy knew that there is a difference, and it was perfection. The whites were cooked; the yokes were half-solid and half runny -- EXACTLY the way over-medium eggs are supposed to be. Those eggs were the bomb!

After that, we had to go back home so I could make out my grocery list, and then we headed out to Costco. Keep in mind, that we had a leisurely morning, so it was nearly noon by the time we got to Costco.

Oh. My. Freaking. Lord. There must have been 7000 people in there. I mean, I would have thought it was the height of the Christmas season. You could hardly move! And Costco's aisles are wide -- but they sure didn't seem so today. It was an excercise in patience -- something I am severely lacking. One thing that sets my teeth on edge is a crowded store, where you have to stand there and stand there and stand there and stand there and wait for someone to move out of the way so you can get by. Or, you're standing there trying to look at something on the shelves, and people are trying to get around you, and in front of you and you can't even think because of the PRESSURE! The pressure to HURRY THE HELL UP so that others can get by. Or, you're trying to turn down a specific aisle, and people and their carts are going by, bumper to bumper, worse than L.A. at rush hour, and finally you just have to push your cart and GO, and hope to goodness you don't hurt someone, especially a minority, because then they'll accuse you of racial profiling, or a hate crime or something, and they cuss you out in some language you don't even understand. *sigh*

So, we're walking through the store, clutching a fistful of coupons, and it hits me -- that's the main reason it's so crowded. This is the first weekend the coupons are valid! Well, that certainly explains a lot. We tried to find this one item that we had a coupon for, and couldn't find it anywhere. Keep in mind, this Costco must be 9 gazillion square feet, and with everybody and their goat all inside the store at the same time, trying to move from one end of the store to another, searching for a specific item, is no easy feat. Definitely not for the faint-hearted! And trying to find a Costco employee on the floor is harder than finding an honest politician. And forget asking those ladies that are handing out food -- they're as useless as tits on a teddy bear, because they have NO freaking idea where anything is. And what is with everybody fighting for the food samples, like that little cup of chicken soup or ravioli was the last scrap of food on earth! That just kills me. Then the ladies will run out of food, and tell people that it will be 10 more minutes until some more are heated up, and a collective groan goes up. How insane is that?!? For the love of Mike, you can get a freaking hot dog and soda for $1.50, people!! Geesh. Get a grip!

ANYway, so we finally made it out of Costco 3 weeks later, and then headed home to put the perishables away (after stopping at the food court for our $1.50 hot dog, natch). Bill is on call today, and when we got home from Costco and I was putting the food items away (Bill was checking the score on the Green Bay game), he got a phone call and had to go take a service call. This left me to brave WinCo all by myself.

Holy crap.

What a nightmare THAT was!! It was uber busy. Take Costco and multiply it times 5, and throw in a whole bunch of people who live in trailers (and I don't mean the modular homes, I mean trailers; and there is a difference) -- OMG. If I didn't save so much dang money there, I'd never shop there again. Ugh. The dregs of humanity, people who drag their kids in there with dirty clothes, uncombed hair -- I mean the kids, as well as the parents -- yeecch. So I gritted my teeth and made my way around the store. At one point, I could have sworn I saw a snail -- and he was laughing at me as he crawled by. He beat me out of the store by hours. LOL

I was home by about 5:00, and Bill was already home, and watching the game. Not the Green Bay game; that was over and won by GB already. He was watching the Patriots beat whoever they are playing. He helped me carry the groceries inside, and I put them away. Right now he is getting ready to BBQ some burgers -- YUMM!! We had bought some steaks at Costco, but we're too tired to go to the trouble of steaks, baked potato, salad, etc. We will cook those tomorrow. They're boneless top sirlion -- DEEElicious. Good groceries!!

So I have tired feet, but a full fridge. Life is good.