Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mighty Putty

I'm sitting here watching TV before going to bed, and there's an ad on TV for Mighty Putty. Billy Mays is SO excited about it!!!! Oh. My. Gawd. How in the name of all things holy did we EVER live without this stuff?!? (eye roll)

Good Lord, it frightens me to think what the aggregate IQ of the American public must be, if this is the level of advertising on TV. Perhaps it's the quality of programming I'm watching. If I would watch a more highbrow channel, like PBS, or Discovery Channel, or somesuch, perhaps the ads would be for more edifying things, such as encyclopedias, or Opera, or how to drink tea with your little finger sticking out. No, the type of shows I watch seem to have commercials aimed at people sitting in trailer parks watching TV that is sitting on top of a TV that doesn't work, in their undershorts and wife beater t-shirt, beer in hand, hollering "Honey, brang me on o'them dang cigarettes, will ya?" Geesh.

Of course, the Discovery Channel does have Cash Cab -- which can be seen as, well, a game show, no matter how it's packaged. And some of the people on that show? Are scary. Some are REALLY really smart. Hey, it's a game show for intellectuals! Sort of . . . .

Okay I'm done. But if the American people were to be judged by the commercials on TV, we are in serious trouble. Serious. It's no wonder that terrorists in Third World countries think they can beat us. Yikes!