Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comments and feeling wanted . . .

You know, I hardly ever get comments on my blog, and I wonder sometimes if anyone besides me reads this thing. And then I watch the visitor counter keep climbing, so I figure SOMEONE's looking at it -- whether they snort with derision and move on, read it and laugh so hard at it's inane boringness (is that a word?!?) that milk comes out their nose, fall asleep on their keyboards -- or they are so capitvated with my witty repartee (yeah right!) that they eagerly check my blog for more pearls of widsom every day? I dunno. I do know my sister-in-law in Chi-town looks at it (must watch my p's and q's -- no dissing of family members here!! LOL) Hello, Jennie! And my friend Bob in Ohio reads it too, because sometimes he emails me after a post. Hey Bob, how's it going?!? Oh, and my friend Alicia reads it too . . . thank you! :-)

But today -- today I got a comment from a stranger! How fun is that?!? Thank you to Chick for your comment. I have to say that her blog is absolutely hilarious. Her blog, Jason. For the love of God. (I've made the title a hyperlink to her blog) is laugh-out-loud funny! I love her wit and her sassy commentary about her family and all things ordinary. Check it out. I love her irreverent sense of humor. I mean it -- she's as funny as I could only hope to be. I think "someday I'd like to write a book" and then I read stuff like hers -- and realize that she is SO out of my league. I feel pedantic in the face of her syntax. Or something to that effect.

At any rate, thank you to Chick for your comment, if you ever happen to fly by again -- stop and say hello!

And thank you to all of you who stop by, lurking out there. Have a Merry Christmas!


Michelle Smiles said...

Comments from new readers are always fun so here is another. I came across you through the randomizer on NaBloPoMo. It is always a little weird when you feel like you are talking to yourself on your blog.

That Chick Over There said...

Aww! Thanks! That's so nice! :)

Karen and Bill said...

Thank you, Michelle and Chick! :-) Blogs rock -- and so do you! Hugs and Merry Christmas.