Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

What a wonderful Friday this is! I had a short lunch hour, so I went home at 3:30 today instead of 4:00 -- nice! When I got home, I took a nap. Better! And clouds have moved in, and it looks like rain and the temperature must be somewhere near 70 degrees or less. Best!!! I love the change of seasons and I welcome the cooler weather. I think spring is my favorite season, and fall is my second favorite. Third is summer and last is winter. I must have a touch of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) because I am less happy-feeling in the wintertime. Plus the leafless trees and cold weather just seem depressing to me and makes everything blah. I don't care for the heat in summer, but I do like the activities you can do during the summer, and all the light.

Nothing pressing happening here today or this weekend. Bill's daughter is getting married on Oct. 8th (we didn't find out until last weekend) but I can't go, because I'm super busy at work right now, with several projects I'm dealing with, and they both have Oct. 8th deadlines. I've got several meetings scheduled on the 8th and the 9th, too and I just can't reschedule everything. My boss would kill me! If she'd only waited a couple of weeks, things would have been much easier for me. But oh well. It's just going to be a justice-of-the-peace ceremony at the courthouse. Bill's ex-wife is moving back to Ohio to take care of her mom, so Michelle and her new husband will live in her old house and rent it from her. Bill is so excited to see Michelle again and of course to see Adam again! I can't believe he's 2 already. Last time we saw him was Jessica's graduation in June of 2006. He was still a baby then! We've missed so much of his growing up already. That's my only regret about not being able to go, is that I don't get to see them, and meet my new step son-in-law. I have to admit, though, that I am looking forward to having a few days to myself. I wouldn't want it permanently, but it will sure be nice to have a little "me time." I can watch girlie movies, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and all the other shows that Bill makes fun of me for watching! Hee hee!!

Tomorrow morning we are getting up early and driving to Yuba City to have our Avalon serviced. It is due for its 10,000 mile service (oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection). Plus I am having trouble with the driver's side sun visor, and I want them to take a look at that. We purchased our car from Yuba City Toyota, and prefer to give our business to them, even though it will mean driving 45 minutes. We hate our local dealer, Chuck Patterson, THAT much. They SUCK! They wouldn't make the deal we wanted; wouldn't hardly even talk to us! Then when I called the service department to find out how much the 10K service costs, she asks me, "Did you buy the car here?" That made me just seethe. There should be NO difference in price!! I said through clenched teeth, "No, we didn't." It was all I could do to add, "because your stupid salesmen wouldn't make a good deal," but I refrained. She said, "Okay, then the price will be $69.99." GAAAAAAAAAAAH! What. A. Ripoff!! PLUS -- they aren't open on Saturdays. What is up with that?!? Can you believe a dealership whose service dept. isn't open on Saturdays??? That's just crazy. Yuba City Toyta will charge us $50 for the service. That's $20 less! Plus we have a coupon for a $20 oil change, so this time we will save $10! How Chuck Patterson has managed to stay in business for 40-something years escapes me. They only deal with people with lots of money for a down payment. Jerks!!! I've heard many similar stories to ours. The bummer is that we'll spend half a day driving to YC and back, but oh well. I refuse to give Chuck Patterson any of our money. It's the principle of the thing, at this point! Arg.

Oh and the smokers are finally gone! Yayyyyyyyy!!! I have LOVED having the windows open these last couple of weeks. NO SMOKE!!! YIPPEEEEEE! Maybe our new neighbors will move in this weekend. I hope they're quiet, I hope they don't smoke, and I hope they don't have children. I think I'm becoming a cranky old lady!!! LOL

Anyway, other than that, no particular plans. Just enjoying the weather. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!