Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saw Randy Travis tonight -- WOW!!!

Tonight was the Randy Travis concert, and we had a FABULOUS TIME!!!! OMG he put on an absolutely amazing concert. I took my friend Marie, because Bill just isn't a country music fan, and I didn't have the heart to make him go. Marie and I had a blast just getting a chance to catch up and visit awhile.

I picked her up at her house at 6:15 (she lives in Oroville) and we drove to Gold Country Casino. We went to the buffet to eat dinner, and it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but good. We had to wait in line quite awhile, but it was really fun to have a chance to visit. We chatted all through dinner, and left the buffet to go down to the concert hall about 7:45. We had GREAT seats. They were in the center section, smack dab in the middle. They were 19 rows back from the front, but still great seats. We sat down a little after 8:00 and the concert started a few minutes after that. He sang song after song, including a three-song encore. He sang for nearly 2 hours without a break! By the time we were leaving the concert hall, it was 10 minutes to 10. Marie and I both agreed that our "test" of how good someone is, is if their voice sounds as good in person as it does in the recordings -- and Randy Travis's does. He sang a lot of his hit songs and a few I hadn't heard before. I had SO much fun. The two hours flew by. He put on a fabulous concert. He's just a real, genuine, classy, down-to-earth guy.

Unfortunately, our camera doesn't zoom very far. I got some pictures, but not very good ones. I'll post a few of the best here. I finally turned off the flash, which got more pictures of the stage rather than the backs of the heads of the people in front of me, but the problem with turning off the flash, is I can't tell when the picture snaps, so a lot of them are blurred. Plus, those pictures have Randy all lit up, and while the band is clear, for some reason he is just a bright blur. GRRR!!! I wish we had a nice camera. *sigh*. Oh well.

I had so much fun!!!! It was such a blast and I'm so glad I went. Thanks, Bill, for my wonderful birthday/anniversary gift!!!

Click on the pictures to see them larger. We've GOT to get a better camera . . .