Friday, June 22, 2007

Some News

Unfortunately, it's not good news. We are flying out to Chicago unexpectedly this Saturday (the 23rd) and we will return on July 1st. Bill's mom is not doing well, and were told to "hurry." So that's what we are doing. Do you know how difficult it is (not to mention expensive!) to get last minute flights to Chicago in the summertime?? Wowzers. Some of the flights we have seats together; some we are in seats just in front of or in back of each other. We got tickets from Chico to San Francisco, then SF to Chicago. On the way home, we go from Chicago to Denver, to SF to Chico. We are hoping that she improves while we are there.

Bill's mom went back into the hospital with a GI bleed (not a good thing). She is refusing treatment, and she says she is just tired. When she leaves the hospital, she will be under hospice care. She is refusing medications and refusing nourishment, so unless we can convince her otherwise, she will not last long.

We are hoping to get her to start eating again, but her COPD and chronic bronchitis and emphysema, in addition to her osteoporosis make life very painful for her. She is 79 years old. If anything proves that smoking is bad for you, watching her go through this does. Please keep our family in your prayers.

We are taking our laptop with us, because I need to keep in touch with work by accessing my work email, so I will also be able to check home email as well. I will be posting any updates to this blog as time permits.

And on another sad note, Bill and I had managed to score some tickets to the Giants-Yankees game in San Francisco this Saturday from my friend Jerry at work, and now we will be in the air when the game begins. **sigh** In light of Bill's mother's health, its a relatively minor thing, but disappointing nonetheless.

Thank you for your support! Talk to you when we return.