Sunday, October 01, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed . . .

Update on the surround sound: Yesterday, Bill and I went to Best Buy and purchased the best subwoofer cable they have, and spent $60 on it to boot! I guess when you have a $400 speaker, you have to have something that carries the signal properly. Well, we got home and Bill connected the sub with the new cable and -- voila! Amazing, deep, bass tones. LOVE it!! However, in the past, it has worked for a day or two and then back to its intermittent problem. We are hopeful that this is the fix, though. Its possible the cable we bought a few months ago when we first started having problems with it was bad somehow. It wasn't a top-of-the-line cable, though, so perhaps it didn't have the wherewithall to drive the speaker. Bill said something about that, that the signal wasn't being delivered strongly enough to the sub to be able to drive it, that perhaps it has a little driver of its own to power it. It is a "powered" sub, and I always thought that meant that it was plugged into the wall with a power source independent of the receiver, but perhaps that's why it needs to be plugged in, to drive the internal receiver. I don't know; I'm just babbling at this point. Bill knows a heck of a lot more than I do about this stuff, being as he is a technician! He rocks! :-)

At any rate, if the sub is still working by next week, I will be relieved that we won't have to go through a bunch of crap with the subwoofer and Best Buy's service dept. That would be a huge relief! Don't get me wrong -- we love Best Buy. They have a great selecton with great prices, and knowledgeable salespeople who don't work on commission, and thus won't push products on you that you don't need just to make the numbers. But their biggest problem is this outsourcing of the service. Eric, the electronics dept. manager, said that Best Buy is working on bringing their service in-house, and I say Amen to that!! Its ridiculous that it took this long to get things properly handled. We should never have been without our receiver for over a month. But it sounds like Best Buy is aware of the problem and is working on getting it fixed. Eric said their installs used to be outsourced, but they had so many complaints that they brought it back in-house (thus the Geek Squad). Well, at least they listen to their customers!

Other than that, not much happening on our end! Its a wonderful, cool Sunday morning, and next week is supposed to be cooled down into highs in the 70s, even maybe into the high 60s!! I am so glad we are actually having a fall season this year! Last year, and it seems like the past several years, we had hot summer-like weather into late October, and then went right into cold winter weather. This year we're actually having true fall weather for this region, complete with gradually milder weather with occasional forays into the 90s, and lots of really beautiful days with temps in the 70s. This is great!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Not much planned here -- just laundry and getting ready for the week ahead!