Saturday, August 05, 2006

Graduation and trip to Phoenix

I will post in a separate post some pics that we took on our trip to Phoenix and ones that Bill took at graduation. We still haven't received the professional pics yet, but we will post those as soon as they arrive.

We had a great time at graduation, and Phoenix was a lot of fun, too. For a real treat, Karen's parents took us out to dinner at the Compass Restaurant, which is a revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt (24th floor!). The scary part was the ride up in the glass elevator (ugh!). I (Karen) do NOT like glass elevators. They frighten me to death. Funny thing is that being high up (like in the restaurant or in airplanes) doesn't bother me. The glass elevator is just a little too close, I guess. Who knows. Anyway, we had a great time and had a wonderful dinner as we slowly revolved around, watched the sun set and watched the lights come on in Phoenix, and watched the planes land at the airport. We could see for miles!

We also toured the candy factory in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix. We also visited Bill's parents for a day in Tucson. Unfortunately Bill's mom was in the hospital (she has emphysema and congestive heart failure) but we still had a nice visit.

We also had lots of time for relaxing, taking naps and swimming in the pool at the hotel. It was great fun. Phoenix downtown is all torn up because they're in the process of installing a light rail system. I wouldn't recommend Phoenix as a place to go until that is finished. What a mess everything is! Otherwise it was fun. Fortunately the temps had cooled down from 118 the week before, and stayed somewhere in the 90s most of the time we were there. But it is monsoon season, and so it was rather humid. Thank goodness for A/C!!

Enjoy the pics!