Monday, August 21, 2006

Birthday time!

Well, today is my (Karen's) birthday! They really surprised me at work by decorating my office and giving me presents! (I like presents!):-) Bill took me out to Burger Hut for my birthday lunch (yes it was my choice; Burger Hut rocks!). Tonight he's taking me out for birthday dinner at either Franky's for yummy Italian, or Johnny's, the new restaurant at the Hotel Diamond. (Maybe they should combine forces and become Franky and Johnny's?!? Ah, no probably not. Heehee.) The bummer about having a Monday birthday is a lot of the restaurants are closed. *sob* Other choices not available tonight are Sierra Nevada Brewery, Basque Norte, Cafe Malvina, or Jedediah's. *sigh* Oh well, next year.

(Photo credits: Thank you SO much to my wonderful friend Tracey, who took these pictures and her cool new digital camera, and it didn't even break! heehe )

Here's my office this morning . . .

Also, my work pals decided to get me a cake -- and they put a candle for every single year!! OMG I asked them if they got the appropriate fire permit (I am safety officer, after all!). LOL Everyone gathered in the break room and sang Happy Birthday to me. No, we didn't pay royalties to whoever-it-is that refuses to let restaurants, etc. use the official Birthday Song and makes them sing some obnoxious birthday ditty they made up like some boot camp marching song ("I don't know but I've been told" (echo I don't know but I've been told), "Someone here is growin' old"(echo that) ad nauseum) at the tops of their lungs so that no one else can enjoy their dinner while the birthday person sits there like an idiot, gritting his/her teeth and just wishing someone would shoot them; just shoot them now! (Oh, but leave that free dessert, will ya?!?) LOL

But I digress . . .

So . . . How many candles, you ask? Well, I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya! LOL However, after next year, I am not going to count them anymore! Okay, well, there are 48 candles (gasp!) on my cake. *choke gasp* Holy cow that sounds like a lot. Next year will be 49, then 49 and holding (I refuse to go there; I will NOT be 50). Bleah!

OMG are all those candles mine?!?
(That's my boss, Bud, trying to blow all the smoke from the candles away. Geesh!) LOL

I'll huff and I'll puff . . .