Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And the winner is . . .

Well, I know you are dying to know where we went to dinner last night (yeah right!). Drum roll please . . . we chose Franky's! Franky's is a great little place right smack in the middle of college town (5th St. and Ivy). It is housed in a converted quonset hut from perhaps WWII. It is quaint inside with a beautiful bar and a model electric train that runs around the upper interior wall along a beam. It is very cool. Although the train wasn't operating last night -- perhaps it is the little engine that couldn't?!? They have problems with it from time to time. Anyway, they serve fresh pasta, fresh baked bread and their food is outstanding. I had the smoked chicken fettuccine (I ALWAYS have that -- boring I know but I love it, and its always good). Bill had the lasagna. We each had caesar salad and since it was my birthday, they gave us a free slice of some kind of chocolate mousse cake that was to die for. And no, they didn't sing me the stupid non-birthday song. Phew!! They were preparing for a group of 20 (count 'em - TWENTY) as we were getting ready to leave. The inside of Franky's is small -- holds maybe 40 people all told. So having a group of 20 inside that little place would have been unbearably noisy. So we were just as happy to be leaving as they were arriving. And Franky's needs to seriously do something about their parking lot. It holds maybe 10 cars. We wondered where the party of 20 were all going to park, as Franky's lot was almost full. Anyway, it was a wonderful birthday dinner and we were stuffed to the gills when we left. YUM.

Its back to the gym again today . . . if you play you must pay. I plan to hide from our personal trainer -- considering its been, oh around 6 weeks since we've been. Yikes!!