Friday, January 20, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

This is our first attempt at anything like this, so hopefully we'll get better as we go along. It seems like life is just flying by, with no time at all to keep everyone updated on our happenings! This seemed like a good venue for updating everyone on what's going on. Sometimes it seems like these things are so narcissistic . . . as if what is going on in our lives is going to be so interesting to other people that we have to write it down . . . but nevertheless, here it goes!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday season! Bill and I hosted Thanksgiving this year at our new house, and we had a houseful! We had hoped to have Bill's parents join us from Tucson, so they would be able to meet their great-grandson for the first time, but at the last minute, they had to cancel their trip. We missed them greatly. The rest of us had a good time! We were 12 for dinner -- including baby Adam! My parents, Cliff and Velma Oakes, came down from Etna, as did my Aunt Wanda, Uncle Al, and Cousin Dan. Bill's daughters Michelle and Jessica came up from Ridgecrest, and of course Michelle brought Adam with her. Adam was a delight at three months old, and entertained us all with his coos and grins. We haven't been able to seen him since, and we truly miss him.

Bill and I spent Christmas in Etna with my parents and aunt, uncle and cousin. Both my kids came, also so we had a true family Christmas. It didn't snow, but we still enjoyed family fellowship and exchanging gifts. Bill's daughters spent Christmas with their mother in Ridgecrest.

Bill and I were excited to attend a New Year's Eve party at one of the local Indian casinos in Oroville. The party included steak and lobster dinner, dancing to swing music, and party favors and champagne at midnight. Afterwards, we stayed overnight in the casino's hotel in a sumptuous room. The next morning, we woke up, checked out of our room, and had breakfast in the buffet before driving home. What a nice treat that was! Even better, because it was free -- I won the whole package in a contest on the radio! :-)

Well that's it for now. I will write more later and keep you updated on our happenings! Have a great weekend!