Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Weekend!

Well, its Saturday evening.... well late afternoon, technically. Its nearly dark out and its when does afternoon become evening, anyway?? Hmmm...will have to Google that one later. And when did Google become a verb?!? Anyway....had a nice relaxing, semi-productive day. Slept in until 8:30 a.m. (hey, when you get up at 5:30 a.m. during the week, that IS sleeping in!! heehee) then Bill got up to make coffee and I read my book in bed for half an hour -- very indulgent and lazy but how wonderful! I am currently reading "On the Run" by Iris Johnansen -- one of my favorite authors. Its a hardback that I got with my gift certificate for Barnes & Noble from Bill. What a thoughtful gift that was! You know, I love books and there is something special about hardbacks. Paperbacks are fine -- they read the same and are oh so portable....but there's something about the feel of hardback book in your hands, the way the pages smell -- its just such a treat! Thanks to CostCo, many times I can buy the book in hardback rather than having to wait until it comes out in paperback! Oh I do relish that treat! In fact, I treated myself to the most recent "Cat Who..." book that just came out in hardback. I bought it at CostCo the other day...snuck over and bought it on my lunch hour. Who could ask for more...purchase a much-coveted book, and begin reading it over a Polish dog and diet coke for $1.50!! Hey, I'm easily amused....

At any rate, back to my semi-productive day. I got up at 9:00 a.m. as I said, showered and then studied for a couple of hours. Bill fixed bacon and eggs and toast...YUMM. I can feel my arteries hardening as we speak! But hey, life is to be enjoyed, right? If I died tomorrow, I can't imagine that my last thought would be, "Good thing I didn't eat that bacon and eggs...the autopsy would show my hardened artieries." Nah, life is short -- eat bacon! LOL So after breakfast and studying, Bill and I went over and recycled our cans and plastic bottles at WTC's recycling center. Made about $20 -- not bad! Then we went over to the shopping center where Bill got his hair cut at Super Cuts and I shopped at Linens 'n Things while he did that. Then we went to Round Table for lunch. Then I took Bill home while I ran some errands (he hates shopping, like most men do!). I went to Target and bought a few necessities, and also a treat -- a double CD of very relaxing music -- its one of those generic music for massage and yoga things you can get at the store at those displays where you push the button to get a sample of the music, etc. I have it on right now, and it is just very relaxing background music....somehow I feel the urge to sit in the lotus position, put my middle fingers and thumb together in a circle and chant "ommmmmmmm. . . . "

So that brings us back to here .... now its later than 5:30 but we're getting ready for dinner and we are going to pop popcorn and watch a movie that we rented. Its called "The Man" with Samuel Jackson...should be funny! I'm looking forward to that....its not exciting, I know, but we look forward to our "movie nights".

Bill and I are going to be flying to Arizona in March to visit Bill's parents. We're also flying the girls (Jessica and Michelle) and baby Adam out, also. Trying to get all this coordinated has been quite a juggle, but we did it! That's baby Adam on the right, by the way. Its an old picture -- taken back when he was just a newborn! Hard to believe he's five months old now. Bill's folks are very excited about seeing the girls, and of course meeting Adam for the first time! We just finally decided that the only way for all of us to get together is for us to go to them. Jessica is graduating from high school in June, and then she takes off for Kentucky, and it will be much more difficult to get her out here after that. The week of March 20th is their spring break, so that is really the only time we have to get out there before she graduates and is gone! We had some airfare through Southwest that we had available after Scott didn't go into the air force (we had already purchased tickets to his basic training graduation, but that's a story for another posting!) so we turned it in to tickets for us to fly from Reno to Phoenix via LAX, and the girls and the baby are going to meet us at LAX and we'll fly the same flight from LAX to Phoenix. Then we'll rent a car and drive to Tucson. Its much more expensive to fly into Tucson for some reason -- probably because Phoenix is a hub. At any rate, Bill's folks live in Saddlebrook, which is a little community just outside of Tucson, even though their mailing address is Tucson technically its on the outskirts. We will travel on March 22nd (a Wednesday) and return on the 25th (a Saturday). We'll reverse our route for the return flights -- we'll all fly the same flight from Phoenix to LAX, then the girls will catch the shuttle to Palmdale and we'll catch our connecting flight to Reno. It will be a quick, exhausting trip, but fun.

Well, its time to go fix dinner, so I will post this and write more later!