Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cheater post . . .

Yeah, I know that previous post was a "cheater."

And yeah, I know that those lovely folks over at Ask And Ye Shall receive would hate it. Not only would they hate it, they would diss it. Hell, they'd moon it, if they could. In a disgusted manner, of course. Ptooie, they'd say. That's just reposting spam. Or something to that effect.

A pox on the naysayers! Onward and upward, 'cuz it doesn't get any worse than that. LOL

The weather is disgusting here. Not a ray of sunshine in sight. Just gray, nasty clouds and rain alllllll day. And the wind is kicking up. I'm hacking up a lung, but other than that, I don't have too many other symptoms. Bill is still sounding pretty bad, but it's starting to break up in his chest, so he's probably getting better. Today, we just puttered. Bill did his laundry, we went out to breakfast, then we went to Target and got a few necessities. T.P. soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, all taht jazz. Then we went over to our storage and got the suitcases out for my trip on Wednesday. Then home and a nap. Yay! Love naps. Then we went to Raley's and picked up a few groceries, and then we got KFC for dinner. Neither one of us has the energy for cooking, or cleaning up so we've just been lazy and eating out a lot. That's the nice thing about not having any kiddos in the house anymore. :-)

OMG this blog has talked about more than one thing! It went off topic! It seriously went off the rails and has talked about three or four things! OMG it's a diary! It's boring! Run for your lives!!!!!


I crack myself up sometimes. It's good to be Queen!!!

<( ! )> Take that!! heh

(Look at that carefully. I'm mooning ya!) LOL