Monday, January 07, 2008

We have power!!!!

We are so excited. We woke up this morning, and we actually have power!! Yahoo! As soon as our alarm went off, I called home to see if the answering machine answered -- and we have POWER! Yippeee!!

We packed up our stuff, and carted it home before work. It was so great to come home and have lights! And heat! Yahoo!! But now we have to go grocery shopping from the bare bones up. Along with 90% of Chico. I hope the grocery stores have enough food! I'm scared to go to the grocery stores tonight. Besides, I don't know how many grocery stores will have a produce and perishable delivery soon. The Raley's south of town retained power; but the Raley's north of town lost power, and when we were in there on Saturday, they were operating on a generator power, which was only partial power. They had lost all of their perishables. Bummer! I guess we'll just have to make sure that we shop tonight at a store that didn't lose power, and that has gotten a food delivery recently! LOL

And thank you to our friends Alicia and Todd, for very kindly offering us a place to stay today. If we'd been without power much longer, we would have taken them up on it, but fortunately we are back up and running, and do not have to impose. Thank you so much!!

And we cannot complain, because no trees fell on our apt. or our cars, and the most damage we sustained was losing a hundred dollars or so worth of food. We certainly can count our blessings.

Must get back to work. More later!


Lostcheerio said...

Wow, what a relief! I remember when we were without power after Hurricane Isabel -- it was miserable. You never realize how much you miss extreme heat and extreme cold until everything in your life is room temperature. :) Glad you're back in business -- good luck with those groceries!


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Growininwillows said...

I am curious if your renters insurance covered anything, when you know, let us know...