Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still Power-less

Today, Sunday, we still do not have any power. According to rumors, we may not have any power until Wednesday or Thursday! Wowzers. We went home today to get some stuff, and throw out all the stuff in our fridge, get laundry, etc. Came back to the motel to do a couple loads of wash. We are going to call our insurance agent tomorrow, and see if any of these expenses can be covered by our renter's insurance. I sure hope we're not without power that long, but we'll see. Meanwhile we're hunkered down here in our comfy, cozy motel.

They also had us switch rooms, too. The room we first got was at the end and was rather small. It also had a big wet spot over by the window, that only got worse. Today, maintenance wanted to work on it, so they moved us to another, larger room. If we're going to have to be here for a few days, the extra room makes a difference. So we've spent the good part of today switching rooms, doing laundry, and going to our apartment to get stuff. Now, it's midafternoon, and I hope to have a chance to relax the rest of the day, except for a quick trip down to the laundry room to put in the last of the clothes into the dryer.

Wish us luck! We're gonna need it!