Friday, January 18, 2008

So glad it's Friday

Just a quick post before settling down for a little TV before bed. Not much excitement today; just work. Bill and I both got our laundry done already, so that's already taken care of. Tomorrow we're going to go recycle, then fill up the spare propane tank for the BBQ. We like to have a spare tank, in case we run out of fuel in the middle of cooking dinner! We love to BBQ all year round, and the neighbors call Bill "Barbecue Bill"!! Too funny.

My parents are heading out for a few weeks in their home in Arkansas. I had talked to Mom about us coming out to visit them this year, since we haven't seen their house yet, and they've had it for several years now. Plus I haven't seen my relatives back there since somewhere in the early 90s. Wow! My folks will be there until early March this time, then back out there in May and June, and then perhaps this fall, depending.

Well, I knew we had some airline miles with Southwest that are going to expire this year, so I looked them up -- and they expire in March!! That means if we're going to use the miles to go to Arkansas, we have to go this winter! We have one free round-trip ticket. Plus Bill only has three vacation days built up, and he doesn't want to spend them yet, because he really hasn't had any vacation in several years. He needs to have some time off that doesn't involve having to do family stuff; he needs to have a REAL vacation. So I'm not going to make him use his days up. But I also don't want to lose the roundtrip ticket. It would just be a shame to let it go to waste. So what we've decided, and I've already cleared it with my boss, is that I will fly back there by myself and spend a few days with my relatives back there and stay with Mom and Dad. I'll go either the first week or the second week of February, depending on what works for my folks. I'd hate to be gone the 2nd week; that would mean I'd be there on Valentine's Day! We'll see how it pans out and how that works for my folks.

Not exciting I know, but that's all for now. G'night!


Growininwillows said...

Don't you love SW....sounds like you will have a nice time with the family...Sometimes it is nice to go alone, you end up being a bit more "free" to hang with the family and get a lot of visiting in....