Friday, October 12, 2007

I was inspired . . .

. . . by my friend Alicia's cousin RaeAnn. She got a very cool template that isn't part of the "normal" Blogger line up, so I googled Blogger ocean layouts (because the ocean is my absolute FAVORITE), and this is what I found!! How cool is this?!? Although I think the ocean in this layout is a drawing, I was hoping for a photograph, but nevertheless it is very cool!

Fun, right?!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Bill has to go to Sacramento tomorrow to take a test for work. I am going to go to the Schwann's display at our apartment complex tomorrow morning, then attend the Annie B's celebration event after that. WTC will find out what their share of the donations is, along with the amount of the matching. Very cool! Then, I am going to meet the photographer from the Chico Enterprise-Record at Bidwell Park in order to have my picture taken!

Check this out: I got a phone call from the E-R earlier this week saying that I'd been chosen to be featured in one of their Inner-View features!!! How cool is that?!? OMG I was SO shocked and surprised!! I mean, who am I -- I'm nobody! LOL But apparently my name was recommended, and so they are featuring me!! Me!! Wowzers. I will post a link to the story when it comes out. I'm flabbergasted!! A reporter came out and interviewed me on Thursday. I hope I didn't sound like a babbling idiot!!

At any rate, the weather here is cold and rainy today. Fortunately it is supposed to be sunny and about 74 tomorrow. Nice!