Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Friday Eve!! (a.k.a. Thursday)

Well, what can I say . . . I keep hoping that it is Friday, but wishing doesn't make it so! LOL

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Tracey!!!!

It's been a crazy busy week. I've got a lot of balls in the air and projects going on, so that I can hardly breathe. No doubt I'll be spending a few hours in here this weekend, trying to get organized and caught up. It's amazing how much more work you can get done when the phone isn't ringing and people aren't interrupting with some new crisis. This week has been a "put out fires" type of week. Whew!

We had a staff mixer at Joe McGie Center last night, which is one of WTC's day programs. I've included a few pictures here, including one of Deb, our Rehab Services Director. She jumped in front of the camera as I was trying to take a picture, and I snapped it anyway. That's what she gets for trying to be funny! LOL It's a great picture and I had to post it here.

Otherwise, not much going on. Just working a lot. Have a great Thursday, and tomorrow's Friday!!! Yayy!!!

Here's Deb being goofy, and a couple of other pictures from the event:

One of the reasons for the mixer, was to dedicate the raised garden planters to the memory of David Fergus. He built them for his Eagle Scout project in 2005. David was the son of one of our staff members, and he was killed in a traffic accident earlier this year. He was only 19 or 20. It was very sad. So they decided to name it the David Fergus Garden in his memory.

Just general photos of people at the mixer: