Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday afternoon and the master bath . . .

Wow it's hard to believe its Saturday afternoon again already! This past week just zoomed by for some reason; but that's a good thing! I do enjoy weekends. So far this has been another quiet weekend, which I really like! We did our errand running and grocery shopping on Thursday evening, so that really freed up a lot of time this weekend.

On Wednesday, we went out to dinner at Sierra Nevada Brewery for our anniversary! We enjoyed that a lot. They have really good food there, and the place is really nice. We were sort of appalled though, that they apparently have absolutely no dress code for that place. I mean, there were girls in cut-offs and tank tops, and halter tops and shorts, and flip flops -- really tacky! I mean, that is a nice place! We were sort of disappointed, but that seems to be the way things are these days. Their money spends just like those that are dressed up, so I guess the restaurant doesn't care. I am the last person to make a ruckus about having to get dressed up for stuff -- I prefer to be comfortable. But it sure would be nice if we could have a nice "night out" and see other people that were dressed up, too. There isn't a place in Chico that enforces any kind of dress code, even 5th Street Steakhouse, and their meals for two will run you nearly $100. Yikes!

When I ws growing up, my folks made us get dressed up to go to the mall, and when we flew on a plane or went anywhere public. I couldn't even wear jeans to school! Their idea was that if you look nice, you will behave better. UGH. I HATED that, and the first thing I did when I went away to college, was go to the mall in my flip-flops and shorts. FREEDOM!! LOL And I still managed to behave myself!! Imagine that! LOL I still do that -- I think it's silly to dress up for the MALL. But a nice restaurant like Sierra Nevada is another thing. Oh well. Beat that horse to death, didn't I?!?

Friday night, we got Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and then just watched Hour 1 of Season 3 of the TV show 24. I rented the first three discs from the set. Each disc has four hours of the program, so that is nice. That's such a good show, but we've got a long ways to go before we catch up, because I think they're currently on Season 6 or 7 or something. Oh well, it's good.

Then this morning I had to get up early to take Scott to work. He had to be there by 7am. YAWN. Then after eating breakfast, I cleaned house. My parents are coming next weekend, so I wanted to get the house extra clean. Then all I'll have to do on Thursday evening is touch up. I've also got laundry in the washer right now. We were finished doing housework by noon (I LOVE having a small place!!!), and Bill even went to get a haircut this morning. We're going to take the car to the car wash this afternoon. The boys (Mark and Scott) are supposed to be here in a few minutes to clean up the second bedroom, which is "their" room, although they both are hardly ever here (thankfully!) I'm trying to convince them to get a small storage, and share the rent -- that way they can store most of their stuff, including the stuff that's in our storage. That way we can clear out that room, AND have room in our own storage for our own stuff. We'll see if that happens, but it's what I'd like.

Well, since I got the master bathroom all cleaned up, I thought I'd post pics of it. Its a really tiny bathroom, but I like it because I got to choose the colors for the towels and the rug. I LOVE aqua blue, and that's what we got. I need to get a wall hanging or picture or something for the wall. I have a couple of small things, but the space is really large, so I'd like to get some ocean-themed things in there -- a lighthouse scene, or ocean scene or something. Bed, Bath and Beyond has some really nice wall stuff, as does Linens N Things and other stores. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Anyway, here's pics of our tiny but pretty master bath! The colors don't reproduce very well -- the blue doesn't look very aqua-y. The best reproduction of the actual color is the close-up picture of the sink area, and the hand towel in the foreground is pretty accurate as to the shade of aqua. The reflection of the towel in the mirror isn't quite right, but the real towel to the left is almost exact. Also in the very first picture, the towel hanging on the door rack on the right shows the true aqua color. Enjoy!