Monday, October 23, 2006

Subwoofer update . . .

For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath (yeah, right!), our subwoofer is back! We got a phone call from Best Buy this weekend, and we went to pick it up yesterday (Sun. the 22nd). When we got there, they said that the Service Dept. had tested the subwoofer and brought it back to "factory specs," (read: they couldn't find anything wrong and had to pretend they did SOMETHING), and they ran it for four hours and it never repeated the problem. Naturally. There is a reason for that, and that is because the intermittent problem with the subwoofer happens after TWO DAYS, not after four hours!!!! Duh! Geesh. **SIGH**.

SO we're back to square one. We have a brand-new receiver, a brand-new cable, and a sub that they didn't find a problem with. I don't know what the heck to do now. The service guy at Best Buy called a home theater guy over to talk about it (thankfully it wasn't Eric -- he'd be hatin' life to see us again!!). THe home theater guy said to take it home, and try it again. If, after two days, it starts cutting out again, to do two things: Wiggle the cable where it plugs in to the subwoofer, and also where it plugs into the receiver. If that fixes the problem for awhile, then it starts cutting out again, then we probably have a bad cable. Of course, by now we're over 30 days past the accepted return time, but hopefully they will still exchange it for us, since half of that 30 days was spent waiting for the sub to come back from the shop! The second thing he said to do, is when it starts cutting out, to feel the back of the subwoofer and see if its hot. He says there is an amplifier in the sub itself (so not only is it a powered sub, it is also amplified! Wowzers). If it is hot to the touch, then the amplifier is going out on it and we just need a new one. I don't know if he means a new sub, or they need to put a new amplifier in it. If we have to put a new amplifier in it, then I'm sure that means an other two weeks in the shop; and why didn't they find this out when they had it in before?!? Isn't there a way to test for that?!? Geez. I don't know about these guys. My friend Bob in Ohio told me that he no longer will buy from Best Buy because of all the hassles with the service dept. Bill says that he has always had trouble with the service dept., too. They will eventually make things right, but you have to go through this long song and dance before they do. That just isn't right!!

I have no idea what will happen if the wiggle test or the hot test doesn't pan out. The home theater guy said to call him if it starts doing it again, and let him know the resutls of the tests and we'll go from there.

So, last night was Day One. Tonight will be Day Two. If it follows its usual pattern, then Tuesday night it will start cutting out -- Wednesday at the latest. It sounds SO much better with the subwoofer -- all I want is for it to just work!!

Arg. I'll keep you posted. Gee, how exciting our lives are, that all I have to write about is our subwoofer troubles! LOL

Oh, one fun thing I did this weekend -- my friend Christine and I went to see The Guardian. GREAT movie!! I highly recommend it, especially on the big screen. Kevin Costner is great in this movie! It also has Aston Kutcher. I've never liked him, but you know, he's not a bad little actor!! I still don't see what Demi Moore sees in him -- he's young enough to be her son, nearly, but, hey, they didn't ask me. LOL

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a good week!