Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Busy Saturday!

Bill and I had a busy Saturday, but it was fun, too. We got up and left the house about 9:30 or so, loaded up the recycling in the car, along with the nearly-empty propane tank for our BBQ, and went to do errands!

First, we decided to have breakfast out at Denny's. We love their Slams. I (Karen) like to have the All American Slam with all bacon, english muffin with honey. Bill had I think it was their giant slam -- something like that. I like the All American Slam, because the eggs are scrambled with a little bit of cheese. Yum! Mmmmm I'm making myself hungry!

Then we went to Fair Street Recycling, which is the recycling center for Work Training Center and turned in our cans, and got $20. Woohoo; paid for breakfast! Then we went to the fairgrounds and went to the Home and Garden Show, which was fun. Even though we don't own our own home, I enjoy wandering among the booths and signing up for free stuff! Bill was a sweetheart and followed me around the show. I'm sure it was mucho boring for him. But he did it for me, and I so appreciated it!!

Then we went to the U-haul center and had our propane tank filled, and then took it home. Then we decided to go around and look at some apartment complexes. We've decided when our lease is up on this house in June, we are moving to something else, something smaller, perhaps an apartment, we were thinking. The kids will then move out on their own, and Bill and I will have time to ourselves! I wasn't really excited about apartment living again, but there are some really nice complexes out there! Some of them have rents that are as much as our house!! Wowzers! We wouldn't move there -- we're trying to SAVE money! LOL But they were fun to look at. Ultra-luxurious! The reason we started looking now, even though June is over 6 months away, is that some of these complexes start taking waiting lists early, and we can be at the top of the list. Its going to come sooner than we think! But I also want to look into duplexes, too -- they can be just as nice and that way no one walks on your head and the noise level is less -- only one wall usually is shared in a duplex. We've got LOTS of time, but its so hard to know where we can save money and still enjoy where we live, too. We'll keep you posted.

We went to Sterling Oaks (expensive!!), Eaton Village (also expensive!), Mission Ranch Apts. (nice and reasonable), Cobblecreek (older, not as nice), and Oak Meadow (nearly exactly like Mission Ranch, only older and with lots of shade trees!). All of these places have pools, and washers and dryers in the units, etc. We just have to list the pros and cons and what we can live without, and what we can't. Thankfully, we have lots of time. I love this house we live in, but we can't wait to have a single level place, with less upkeep. Guess we're just getting old! There are some nice "senior" apartment complexes around, but you have to be 55 to live there, and we're just not there yet!

Then we decided to go to WalMart and pick up a few things, then to Papa Murphys to pick up pizza for dinner (yum!) and then home! Whew we were tired! We ate pizza and I baked cookies from Papa Murphy's cookie dough. We watched a couple of our TiVo'd shows. It's nice to know we pick up an extra hour tonight, thanks to "falling back" and losing Daylight Savings. It won't be dark as night out when we go to work anymore! Yayy!!!

Well, that was our day! Its after 11:00 p.m. now (old time) and Bill has gone upstairs to watch some sports or something. I'm going up in a few minutes. Hope you all had a great Saturday, too!